Perechyn Half Marathon of Fedor Feketa

Run like a legend

The distance of Halfmarathon is 22.195 km
  • START – Uzhhorod, Zhupanatska Square;
  • Stations with water:
    • «Kilikia» restaurant
    • «Zeleni yanholy»(«Green angels») landscape center
    • «Shpaizy» restaurant
    • «Bili vedmedi» («White bears») fount
    • «Perechyn» sign
  • FINISH – Perechyn, Narodna Square, near Fedor Feketa statue.
Children Competition
Distances 1500 m / 300 m
  • 1500 m – the boys who were born in 2004 – 2006 and girls who were born in 2003 – 2006 are welcome;
  • 300 m – participants younger than 7 years old.
Uzhhorod runs will also take place

(in honor of the most famous kind of grape in Zakarpattia Traminer pink form which "Troianda Zakarpattia" is made)

Active citizens older than 21 years old are welcome, in the end of the run they will be treated to wine out of Traminer.

  • START: Zhupanatska Square;
  • FINISH: “Kilikia” restaurant;
  • Distance: 2 100 m.
"1154 Run"

(the year when the name Uzhhorod appeared first time in chronicals of Muhamad al-Idrisi)

Children, students and those who like morning jogging are welcome.

  • START: Zhupanatska Square;
  • FINISH: 1154 sign at Bercheni Street;
  • Distance: 1 154 m