Perechyn Half Marathon of Fedor Feketa

Run like a legend

In the year 1896 in Athens

The first modern Olympic Games were being held. For the first time in history, the competition program included the marathon – a 42 kilometer race in honor of the messenger Pheidippides, who in 490 B.C. ran this distance to tell the Athenians about the victory over the Persian king Darius.

The first marathon was won by the postman Spyridon Louis. He was so poor that he couldn’t even afford shoes for participating in the competitions. The inhabitants of his village collected money for him for that. But, after the victory, Louis became a folk hero. The government of Greece gave him a barrel of wine, a ton of chocolate, 10 cows, 30 sheep, a coupon for free food for one year, and a lifetime of free tailoring and hairdressing services. A Greek businessman allocated a huge sum for the national hero for that time - 25 thousand francs

The Olympic stadium in Athens has been named in his honor, as well as numerous fan clubs around the world.

More than half a century prior to that in Transcarpathia.

Spyridon Louis’ colleague, a postman from Perechyn called Fedor Feketa, daily, for over 30 years, overcame 60 kilometers. Isn’t that a true marathon runner?! And he has done this in any weather conditions, off-road, trough mountains and valleys from his home village Turia Remeta to Uzhhorod and back. This was at a time when his colleagues in Europe dealt with many times smaller distances. He brought correspondences, government documents, news, and messages to his countrymen from all corners of the world.

The Ambassador, as he was respectfully called by the inhabitants of the village, served the people well and as evidence of great respect for the postman by his countrymen there is a bas-relief monument on the outer wall of the village church in Turia Remeta that was installed after his death in 1838 with the inscription "In memory of the Amiability, Temperance, Honesty, and all the Service of the Ambassador Fedor Feketa".

Fedor Feketa was also depicted in typical attire on the seal of the village for some time. And, since 2004, a bronze monument to the famous postman adorns the square of the Perechyn city center. Incidentally, this is the world's only monument to a postman

May 29, 2016. Uzhhorod - Perechyn.

In honor of the 120th anniversary of the first modern Olympics the "Perechyn Fedor Feketa Half Marathon" with the route Uzhhorod - Perechyn had been held. The Participants ran the route that the renowned Postman took daily.