Perechyn Half Marathon of Fedor Feketa

Run like a legend

Competition Program
For the 27th of May 2018
Half Marathon

08:00 – The handing out of the starter packs to the participants at the starting zones of the Half Marathon (Zhupanatska Square, City of Uzhgorod);

09:30 – Opening ceremony of the event. Zhupanatska Square, City of Uzhgorod;

10:00 – Start of the distance of 22.195 km and of the relay race (no time limit is set);

13:00 – Awarding of the winners of the Half Marathon and the relay race in the city of Perechyn, Narodna Square, near the monument to the postman Fedor Feketa;

Children Competition

10:00 – Start of the distance of 1500 m 300 m;

11:00 – Rewarding the winners;

Uzhhorod Runs

10:15 – Start of the "Traminer-run";

10:30 – Start of the "1154 Run";